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Names Josh or Jay, the CEO/ Founder of Lancorp Digital Solutions.

Just to give you an idea of who I am, heres a quick summary! (Psss I'd love to get to know you more let's sit down and have a chat)... Without further ado, I grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, I was raised by two loving parents. I was taught that doing good in the world would bring goodness to it. So, ever since I was a small boy, I've always wanted to change the world I saw around me. In thinking about what I was going to be when I grew up, it was always a position of servitude; always with helping in the forefront of my mind. In elementary, I wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon. Dream big right? In middle school I had changed courses after realizing medical school wasn't as fun as I first had thought.


Around 6th or 7th grade I was determined to be the best attorney the world had ever seen. I didn't know about Johnny Cochran. By the time I had made it to high school, I was set on being a therapist. Psychologists made pretty good money, seemed to be well respected, etc. Though these careers all in varying fields and industries, they all have one commonality. With each one, freedom was the constant. I wanted to OWN my work as a surgeon.


I wanted to OWN my law firm. I wanted to OWN my therapy practice. I wanted to, like every teenager, make a lot of money without being chained to a time clock or building. I pursued a counseling degree up until my sophomore year of undergrad. I was attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock at the time and had stumbled in an Applied Psychology class, trying to kill some time before my next class. The lecture intrigued me and made so much sense that I changed degree plans the next semester and decided to enroll in the Applied/Industrial-Organizational Psychology focus. In the end, I had the blueprint to start my own business. So, I started planning. The result was Lancorp Digital Solutions, LLC.

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