The only black owned digital marketing firm in Arkansas that is composed of minority owned businesses and entrepreneurs/contractors. My story is unique in that entrepreneurship was my way to a better quality of life. I was at a dead end job with the state, working as a HR Specialist, bringing home just 565.83 after it was all said and done.


My job at the Post Office wasn't stable either. At that time, I had been there for 4 years and had been walked out unjustifiably every year, only to be brought back with back pay. I had kids to take care plus myself. I remember marketing Lancorp, I didn't even really KNOW what we were going to be really. But I was getting a few projects here and there.


One day I made my biweekly check in one day. I quit DHS the next day. That was proof enough, enough confirmation to make me step out and bet on me!

But even aside from that, Lancorp doesn't just help with online advertising, we also have incorporated a financial literacy piece into the business model. Teaching minorities about credit utilization strategies, home ownership, taxes, etc. is a intrical piece of Lancorp’s overarching mission to refortify the economic stability of the minority community through educational efforts and strategic investments in the community’s financial infrastructure.